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The goal of our Advance Leadership and Management course is to bridge the gap that continues to exist for professionals & organizational leaders looking to be effective leaders and organizational managers. You know better than anyone that most organizations are not equipped to develop and promote their managerial staff, yet the expectation is high outcomes and top performers.


Our ten-week course presents a holistic perspective on leadership and management, which are professional skill/tools that support your ability to become a transformative leader.


Benefits of strong leadership and managerial skills include:


-Professional growth in your field

-Organizational goal achievement

-Ability to develop and motivate others

-Increased Critical thinker, innovator & strategist skills

-Increased confidence, personal drive & initiative

-Increased professional and personal wealth

Whether you manage people or not, you know how important it is to motivate and inspire others. Leadership is the skill that helps us inspire and motivate. There is now a greater need to create a paradigm shift from classical management methods to a transformational and charismatic model that better supports organizational performance and achievement.


Why this course?


What makes our coursework unique is that we understand that management and leadership are two different skills that are necessary to become a great leader. Our course presents leadership and management as professional tools/skills, that once mastered, will move you up the ladder of professional success.


So here is the reality, becoming a great leader and inspiring others takes commitment, openness, and a willingness to learn. Leaders are made, not born, and its up to you to begin your leadership journey, for it will support you in building stronger and dedicated organizational members at every level. Remember that who you are determines your professional growth and organizational success. Leading is all about your ability to build trust, and getting others to follow you. Leadership is something you must work at if you want to influence others!


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