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Financial Mentor

Financial mentoring/coaching  seeks to positively influence people‚Äôs ability to make sound financial choices and increase their quality of Life. Through these workshop/coaching each person will embark on a journey of self discovery, learning and enlightenment. The goal is to raise awareness around personal finances, social justice and advocacy. The sessions are offered to bridge the gap of financial literacy for adults and teens and to introduce adequate and affordable financial services and opportunities.


A financial mentor or coach raises awareness around personal finances, social justice and advocacy which will inherently create a well-rounded person. Many situations addressed in the social realm are connected to the lack of resources and fair access to affordable financial tools. Financial Literacy is particularly important because people relate to money as a life line, and there is an educational gap when it comes to understanding how money works, our emotions around it, and access to wealth creating instruments. The curriculum is designed with a social/financial justice lens, thus empowering people to integrate the learning, create a life of wealth and quality for themselves, their families and communities.