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Management and Leadership - Business Development and Strategic Planning 

Management coaching is an effective way to develop skills and  building capacity of staff and working teams. Here we customize to meet your business needs and generate strategic planning sessions with the goal of increasing staff performance and organizational success.   

Our philosophy: integrating a culture of learning and collaboration among staff and organizational leaders. 

How is this done?

  • We support management in assessing the professional needs of each staff member (directors, supervisors and staff)
  • By creating individual development plans and holding one-on-one and group professional development training/coaching sessions 
  • Holding team building meeting to build relationships (in an environment outside the formal workplace)
  • Facilitating strategic meetings to address organizational needs and impact on staff 
  • Supporting supervisors and directors create an environment of trust, collaboration, compassion and understanding
  • Cultivating a culture of “leaders developing leaders”