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Creating Wealth in Business and Life!

Professional Development and Financial Planning

Financial Coaching

Life Coaching uses self reflection to positively influence your ability to think and learn about making sound decisions about your life, future goals, financial choices and career to increase your quality of Life. 

Through this session you will embark on a journey of self discovery, learning and enlightenment. The goal is to raise your awareness and support you in defining who you are, where you want to go, and identify barriers that stop you from getting to your destination. 

The sessions takes a holistic approach in addressing your professional, relationships, spiritual, emotional, health/wellness  and financial goals.

Professional-Career Coaching 

This session is tailored to meet specific career and job readiness needs. Designed for individuals who wan to move up the career ladder in their current professions or explore new career opportunities.

  • Identification of professionals skills and acquisition of new skills
  • Resume building
  • Interviewing skills coaching
  • Supervision and management skills development 
  • Professional and skills needs assessment 
  • Goal Setting and planning